How to Use Your Tuner


This mini guitar lesson will teach you how to use your tuner. I'm basing this on the Snark SN-5 clip-on tuner, which is in my list of recommended accessories.

Tuning Made Simple

  1. Clip your tuner onto the guitar head-stock (as pictured)Guitar tuner on the head of a guitar
  2. Push the big button on the front to switch it on
  3. Play the thickest E string and watch the display
  4. Keep playing the string (evenly) and turn the appropriate machine head to get the central light to indicate that you have reached the correct pitch
  5. Move onto the next string and repeat the process until all the strings have been tuned
  6. Quickly go through the strings again to check that they have kept in tune


It's always best to make sure that your guitar is in tune each time you pick it up, as you are also honing your musical ear when you play. I always make sure that our guitars are tuned up at the start of each lesson, so that they sound great when we play together and along to backing tracks. My private one-one lessons go into much more detail than this, and are completely tailored to suit you.

Contact me to book a lesson, or take a look at some of the other topics we'll cover.

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