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Complete Posture Analysis

Included, as a standard for all of my students, is a complete posture analysis & awareness guidance. This is one of the first things that I'll be going over with you as part of your foundation of learning.

This also includes finding your optimal fretting-hand position.

Finger Picking Style

Become fluent with the finger picking playing style. This opens up a whole new world of songs that you can get to grips with!

Include Embellishments

Impress your family and friends by adding fancy embellishments in to your acoustic playing.

Master Popular Techniques

Learn & master popular playing techniques. These techniques are used throughout much of the course and are transferrable to all other styles and genres.

Learn Common Chord Progressions

Learn a variety of chord progressions that will enable you to pick up new songs quicker, as you get used to the common sequences used in popular music.

Explore Stylistic Scales & Chords

Learn scale & chord shapes that are not only fundamental to playing acoustic guitar songs, but that are also easily transferrable to other playing styles.



This is a structured course that gives you a clear set of outcomes to achieve. You will know exactly what you will be learning over the duration of the course.

Handouts are given with each new topic that you learn. You can then easily refer to them when practicing and going over the material at home.


Having a guitar tutor is just like having a coach, and with that comes accountability. By knowing that you will be attending your guitar lesson each week, you are more liky to put in the practice that will ensure your success. Also, with the use of tools that I've designed, I will help you to get into a great practice habit.


I'm here to help you to get the most out of the time we spend together. I will also support you through the week if you have any questions that you would like answered.

Course Options

Full Course

This option ensures a comprehensive understanding of the materials and topics covered.

This is perfect for you if you would like to know it all!

Short Course

Ideal if you are interested in the acoustic playing style and would like to explore different topics in a format that you can't find anywhere else.

Get Started

This is a great option if you are keen to get started, yet would like to have the freedom to pay as you go with lessons.

It'll give you a small taste of what's to come in the rest of the course.

Course Pricing


  • 10
    1 hour lessons in the
    MJP Teaching Studio
  • 10% OFF
    Regular lesson price
  • Save £35
    (1 free lesson)
  • Free Plectrum
  • Risk-free MJP Guarantee

Book Now


  • 6
    1 hour lessons in the
    MJP Teaching Studio
  • 5% OFF
    Regular lesson price
  • Save £11
  • Free Plectrum
  • Risk-free MJP Guarantee


  • 1
    1 hour lesson in the
    MJP Teaching Studio
  • Regular lesson price
  • Pay as you go
  • Free Plectrum
  • Risk-free MJP Guarantee

About MJP

I am a professional guitar teacher based in Leeds, UK. Having taught 400+ regular students over + years, I am confident that I have the relevant experience to help you to achieve your guitar playing goals & dreams.

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