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  • 100% merit / distinction rate with Rock School & Trinity Guitar Grades
Mike Pearson holding a guitar

George's Story Student Testimonial

Video Transcription

Hi there, my name's Alex McGeorge and I'd just like to give a testimonial regarding Mike Pearson. I only started playing the guitar 12 weeks ago, and I had no musical experience at all before then, other than a karaoke in a pub or singing at a football match. I can now play more than a dozen chords. I can play a few songs and I'm absolutley over the moon with the tuition that I've had from Mike. In his own studio he's got all the high tech stuff; he can download you any music you like. He's a great guy, he's patient, and needs it as well for people like me. But anyway, he's perservered with me and in 12 weeks I've seen a huge improvement, and I'd just like to recommend Mike to anybody who is thinking of taking up the guitar or thinking of improving. Thank you very much.

At the time of recording this video, George had been playing guitar for 12 weeks with only one lesson every 2 weeks! Just think about what you could accomplish with weekly lessons.

George has now gone on to play 'Wonderwall' by Oasis, which is one of his favourite songs and a classic for all guitarists. He enjoys playing along with the song and has taken his guitar playing to a whole new level!

Everything you could ask for in a music teacher!

I started playing the guitar 3 months ago and was recommended Mike by a friend.

Although I have no musical experience at all, under Mike's excellent tuition, I can already play a few songs! I can also read written guitar music to a reasonable degree! Mike has a huge knowledge of music and a modern studio with a bank of computers that can access any music needed.

When you add all that to his friendly, amiable personality, his patient manner and his ability to focus on and get the best out of his pupils, especially in my case, absolute beginners, you have everything you could ask for in a music teacher!

I would, wholeheartedly, recommend Mike to anybody thinking of taking up guitar playing or improving their musical skills.

More Features

  • Perfect learning environment - Dedicated bright & spacious teaching studio.
  • FREE plectrum for all new students!
  • Electric and acoustic guitar tuition.
  • All sheet music included! - High quality, detailed and accurate handouts, tablature and sheet music are provided to build your own personalised portfolio of lesson materials.
  • Risk Free with the MJP Guarantee.
  • Music theory can also be taught in a fun way, using an easy-to-remember colour coordinated system.
  • Guitar lessons are an hour in length, however, half hour lessons can be arranged to accommodate for time restrictions or a young age group.
  • Only takes 60 seconds to book your lesson!
  • DBS Checked - Enhanced Disclosure DBS Logo

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I am a professional guitar teacher based in Leeds, UK. Having taught 400+ regular students over + years, I am confident that I have the relevant experience to help you to achieve your guitar playing goals & dreams.

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