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Alex's Story

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Hi there, my name's Alex McGeorge and I'd just like to give a testimonial regarding Mike Pearson. I only started playing the guitar 12 weeks ago, and I had no musical experience at all before then, other than a karaoke in a pub or singing at a football match. I can now play more than a dozen chords. I can play a few songs and I'm absolutley over the moon with the tuition that I've had from Mike. In his own studio he's got all the high tech stuff; he can download you any music you like. He's a great guy, he's patient, and needs it as well for people like me. But anyway, he's perservered with me and in 12 weeks I've seen a huge improvement, and I'd just like to recommend Mike to anybody who is thinking of taking up the guitar or thinking of improving. Thank you very much.

Jim's Story

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Hi, my name's Jim and I'm 12 years old. I started the guitar at 5 years old, but I lost interest until I was 10 years old. When I found Mike, I started playing the guitar more. Fortunately he made me get a Rock School exam and I passed it with a merit. So if you want a teacher with time and patience, Mike's the guy.

Understands my learning needs and allows me to learn at my own pace.

I have enjoyed all my lessons with Mike; he understands my learning needs and allows me to learn at my own pace, making sure that I understand what I've learnt before moving on. As well as being an amazing guitar player he is a very friendly, patient guy who teaches in a clear way and the lessons are easy to follow.

The lessons have been tailored to my needs and Mike has the expertise to identify what I need to work on most in order to progress. In addition to that he also provides me with all the PDFs of scales and tabs of any song or exercise that I'm learning. At the end of every lesson he makes sure that I know exactly what to practice.

Mike is a great teacher and there has been a big improvement in my playing since I started having lessons with him. I would highly recommend him to anyone!

Dave C.
Extremely skilled guitarist with a great knowledge and understanding of music, very friendly and full of encouragement.

Hi, my name is Paul, 68 years old. I have owned a guitar for about 7 years; in that time I have only managed to play songs fingering one note at a time having never been able to master any chords. At the beginning of this year I booked a 12 week course with Mike and by the end of the 12 weeks I could play around ten chords and play songs finger picking style combined with the chords I had learnt. I found Mike to be an extremely skilled guitarist with a great knowledge and understanding of music, he is very friendly and full of encouragement. Mike structured the course around my musical interest and paced it to suit my ability. I can highly recommend Mike to anyone wanting to learn to play the guitar.

Paul Stancliffe
Mike teaching guitar in Leeds
Extremely professional... His extensive knowledge is outstanding

As a student of Mike Pearson for some time now, I can highly recommend his relaxed yet extremely professional tuition. His teaching of the guitar is both enjoyable and also highly informative. His sessions can be as in depth or as basic as you wish them to be. His extensive knowledge of both the guitar and music in general is outstanding.

Mark Ward
Helped me progress more rapidly than I had expected

I have received excellent guitar tuition from Mike since I started 6 months ago. I would recommend Mike to anyone who is looking to start learning guitar like I was, as both his patience and guidance has helped me progress more rapidly than I had expected.

Peter Bainbridge
Everything you could ask for in a music teacher!

I started playing the guitar 3 months ago and was recommended Mike by a friend.

Although I have no musical experience at all, under Mike's excellent tuition, I can already play a few songs! I can also read written guitar music to a reasonable degree! Mike has a huge knowledge of music and a modern studio with a bank of computers that can access any music needed.

When you add all that to his friendly, amiable personality, his patient manner and his ability to focus on and get the best out of his pupils, especially in my case, absolute beginners, you have everything you could ask for in a music teacher!

I would, wholeheartedly, recommend Mike to anybody thinking of taking up guitar playing or improving their musical skills.

Alex McGeorge
Able to adapt effortlessly to the needs of his students

Mike is a very able teacher; he has great patience and is able to adapt effortlessly to the needs of his students without losing any of his enthusiasm for the instrument or for the effort and achievement of the student. He has a very practical approach which ensures that the student learns both what they want and what they need to learn.

Mr. Brown
Very friendly, professional and patient

I have never played any sort of musical instrument, 'til Mike started to teach me the guitar. He is very friendly, professional and patient, and teaches in a relaxed and easy manner to suit each student. I can highly recommend him.

Susan Fretwell
Very attentive, skilled and motivated teacher

Mike taught me guitar in 2008 when I lived in Leeds. I can confidently recommend him as a very attentive, skilled and motivated teacher. All the best, Mike.

Astonishing music teaching

Thank you for all your support and astonishing music teaching for Nathan for the past year.

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